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What Our Clients Are Saying

I contacted Monarch Wealth for advice on transferring my UK Pension to Australia. I was able to meet Ben Growden face to face and he walked me through the process and provided professional advice that we eventually implemented. Since then Monarch have also assisted me with my Personal Insurance needs. Receiving the appropriate pension advice from an Australian Regulated Adviser is very important and I have no hesitation recommending Monarch Wealth services.

David F


Before engaging Monarch Wealth we had come from a position of having financial advisers who were very unresponsive and happy to take their fees by doing the minimum amount of work. We found Monarch Wealth through a web search, and decided to engage them as advisers as they seemed to be well qualified to deal with our particular financial position at that time (transferring funds into Australia). We haven’t regretted that decision and Ben at Monarch is a breath of fresh air, always very quick to respond to questions and challenges, and prepared to go the extra mile to ensure we get the best outcome. I would certainly recommend Monarch Wealth to anybody wishing to transfer their pension funds into Australia.

Andy C


Transferring a UK Pension to Australia can be a mine field of technicalities which requires expert understanding of both UK and Australian regulations. Ben has been fantastic to work with; systematically taking me through the options and impartially explaining the pros and cons of each. He took the time to understand clearly my personal circumstances and future aspirations. I would highly recommend Ben to any expat who wishes to seek genuine and accurate advice on a UK pension transfer.




UK Pension Solutions

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UK Pension Transfers

Most individuals who have worked in the United Kingdom at some point in their career will have built up a personal or employer pension that remains in the UK.  The values of these pensions may have grown significantly, however the pension plans are usually no longer appropriate as a non-UK resident nor provide the best retirement planning and wealth creation opportunities.

Recent changes to UK regulations have allowed non-UK residents to transfer and consolidate their retirement savings to a more appropriate, low cost structure which allows more flexible investment choices to create wealth.

Some of the key benefits to transferring your UK pension are:

  • Capitalize on current historically high cash transfer values
  • Access your pension at age 55
  • Pass 100% of your pension to your beneficiaries
  • Pay less income tax
  • Eliminate the risk of UK final salary schemes becoming insolvent
  • Flexibility of investments and income draw-down
  • Eliminate exchange rate risk
  • Consolidation of pensions to one easy to manage scheme

At Monarch Wealth, we specialize in advising Australian residents on various cross border affairs, including accessing their UK pensions now they are living in Australia. We are able to assist clients in locating their UK pension(s) and obtaining current valuations on their behalf, free of charge and obligation.

Obtaining up to date information on pension plan values and rules allows us to analyse a client’s global assets and offer more informed retirement planning options that may be available to them.

Essentially, there are three options available to you in respect of your pension assets left behind in the UK:

*Please note that UK state pension benefits cannot be transferred.

It is highly recommended that before making any decision on transferring a pension, you should speak to a registered financial adviser who is aware of both the UK and Australian pension and tax regulations. As a financial adviser regulated by ASIC, we are bound to act in our client’s best interests. Therefore, you can be assured you will receive a professional and objective analysis of your finances and opportunities available to you.

The information above is general advice and does not take account of investors’ objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on this general advice, investors should consider the appropriateness of the advice having regard to their objectives, financial situation or needs.

Free Consultation

If you have a UK Pension and would like to know more about the options available to you, contact us for a free pension consultation with a registered adviser. During the consultation, we can provide you with advice that will:

  • Highlight all the options available to you
  • Guide you through the cost/benefit of transferring your pension
  • Identify whether a SIPP or ROPS may be suitable for you
  • Provide you with a second opinion about any advice you have received previously

This is a free service and at no time are you under any obligation to proceed with any advice. We are also able to locate your existing UK Pensions on your behalf and request an up to date valuation.